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7 Tips to Make Writing Easier

Written by Bob Seybold
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Make Writing Easier

It’s a safe bet that writing is a part of your job, whether you’re creating ad copy, providing text for a web page, working on an article, or just crafting a proposal. But the typical workplace is full of distractions that can make it difficult to complete those writing tasks. If you’re not using a full-service marketing agency to handle the writing for you, here’s how you can get the most out of your time.

The folks at have created a “Guide To Uninterrupted Writing” video that provides a fun look at the topic. Here are some of their suggestions:

1) Pick a quiet, semi-private place to write. If you find it tough to work in complete silence, listen to music through earbuds or headphones to eliminate audible distractions and help your brain focus on the writing.

2) Remove visual distractions too. A cluttered desk can be full of things that will catch your eye and divert your attention, so clear it off before you start writing.

3) Log out of Facebook, shut down the browser, and turn off your email.

4) Silence your cell phone and turn it upside down so you’re not tempted to read messages on the screen.

5) Avoid distracting spell check alerts and highlights that pop up in your word processing program by using a plain text editor for your first draft. Or unplug completely and go “old school” by writing with pen and paper.

6) You’re bound to have a few interruptions now and then, but after you attend to them get back to writing quickly. You can do this by first creating an outline that you can refer to if you’re temporarily derailed.

7) Separate the writing from the editing by avoiding the “rear-view mirror.” Let the words flow and don’t look back to edit until you’ve finished the first draft. If possible, follow the “24-hour rule” - write one day, then edit the next.

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