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A Few Questions About Your Brand

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Brand Questions

I spoke with the president of a company the other day. He told me that one of his main marketing concerns is that his many websites don't have the same look and feel. The company has two distinctly different logos as well.

Another company we know of has not only a few different logos on their exterior signage, but a slightly different version of the company's name on several stores.

And yet another company has three or four different versions of their logo on various stores and vehicles.

What about your brand elements? Your colors, your images, the "voice" and attitude of your written content, and yes, your logo?

Do your collateral pieces feel like your website? Do your print ads align with your online ads? Do your radio spots sound like your TV spots look?

Why should they?

Because, damn, this world's a noisy place! And breaking through that noise can be both difficult and expensive. If everything you put in front of your audience isn't simple, clear and consistent, you're making it harder for people to remember you. And that means you might be wasting money and opportunities to connect with new customers.

Have you reviewed your brand identity lately? Take a look at your website, exterior signage, lobbies, points of sale, audio and video, your brochures, leave-behinds, invoices, business cards, etc.

Do they all look and feel the same, as if one person or team created them?

Now, does it seem like they were all designed or produced in 1982? If so, potential customers might perceive your products and service as tired, not innovative, and not a solution for today's world.

Are there several people or teams contributing content to your online channels? If so, is it all funneled through a brand manager to ensure consistency?

Do you have - and follow - a brand standards guide?

If you could ask your target audience what your brand stands for, and why it's different, better or necessary for them, would they answer the way you'd want?

There are many more questions to answer before you can focus the full power of your brand on the marketplace. We're good at asking those sorts of questions. 

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