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SensoryMax is an internationally recognized Sensory Marketing agency. We maximize the effects of sight, sound and scent in the lobbies, showrooms and stores of brand-focused organizations.

Our efforts elevate the customer experience, encourage consumer engagement, and imprint lasting memories of your brand that keep people coming back.

We believe in the power of visual, audible and aromatic layers to engage more of your audience's senses and create a deeper connection with your brand. Without these layers your brand is incomplete.

Think about some of your most vivid memories. Where were you?

On a beautiful beach with pounding waves, warm sand beneath your feet, and the scent of coconut oil in the air? Were you at a concert with loud music, giant video screens, and a huge crowd? Or maybe you were with your family for a holiday celebration: the smell of turkey roasting, the warm hugs, the laughter.

Starting to see the connection? The more your senses are engaged, the more likely you are to recall an experience. That’s the basic reason Sensory Marketing is so effective.


scent-award-shadow 2SensoryMax was named the 2014 Scent Marketer of the Year by the Scent Marketing Institute. We earned the award for our strong client relationships (including those with the Ford and Lincoln Motor Companies), and our development and use of signature scents as marketing tools. 

"As we transform our dealer network to provide a higher level of client experience, we look for ways to engage the senses of every visitor. The Essence of Lincoln scent is an extension of that initiative. We applaud SensoryMax for this recent honor and thank them for helping shape the future of the Lincoln showroom experience."

Enza Sleva, Client Experience Manager
Lincoln Motor Company

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