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Are You Sharing the Good Stuff with People?

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Share the Good Stuff

Did you ever read a great blog post and think, "Hey, I've been saying that for years! I could have written that post for my own blog."

But you didn't write it.

Why? Probably because you didn't think the idea was important or special enough.

I had that same experience when I read Seth Godin's post on résumés called "References Available Upon Request."

In it, Seth advises ditching the self-serving objective at the top of your résumé, but including the sparkling testimonials you've collected from past managers or clients. Don't make potential employers ask for those references. They may not, which means they may never see your unique value.

In other words, give your audience information that will make it easy for them to choose you.

As I read Seth's post, I recognized the advice I had shared with others many times, but had never published in this blog. 

I'll bet your marketing suffers from the same type of problem.

You probably do something very special at your company. Maybe many things. But you don't recognize them as special or unique because you do them every day. You don't see the value in them – just like I didn't see the value in my advice about résumés, until I read it in someone else's blog.

If your marketing content is obvious or safe or trite or expected (like a typical résumé objective), you're blending in. You're not making it easy for your audience to choose you.

So, look around. Identify those unique "nuggets" that are so much a part of your culture you take them for granted. Share those qualities or practices or commitments with your audience. That's the good stuff. Use it to differentiate your brand in an authentic way.

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