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Saturday, 01 April 2000 19:00

BusinessVoice Introduces Web Audio Messaging

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It's the next step in the progression of Internet marketing: Web Audio Messaging. And BusinessVoice can make it work for your site.

Web Audio Messaging reinforces your company's unique selling proposition, emphasizes key points and directs your target audience to take specific actions. It also improves visitor awareness and creates a more positive perception of your Web site.

The BusinessVoice Web Services team uses streaming media technology to deliver audio to site visitors. According to BusinessVoice Account Executive Rich Schurfeld, "the audio messages provide the 'stickiness' that keeps visitors on a site."

Audio messages are professionally written, voiced, recorded and downloaded at the BusinessVoice studios, and can be updated as often as necessary to keep a Web site fresh and informative.

For more details on Web Audio, contact Rich Schurfeld at 800/473-9004, ext. 123.

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