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Thursday, 30 November 2006 19:00

BusinessVoice Takes Callers Out To The Ol’ Ball Game

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BusinessVoice took a lot of people out to the ball park this year...and they’ve been rewarded for their efforts.

When the agency’s callers were put on hold this past summer they thought they were hearing a rather unusual radio broadcast of a baseball game between the Glass City Shards and the Johnstown Donkeys. In reality, they were listening to a humorous On Hold Messaging production, a marketing piece that last night received the Crystal Award of Excellence from the Toledo Chapter of Women In Communication.

“We’ve had great success mixing humor with theatre of the mind,” said Scott Greggory, BusinessVoice Creative Director and the writer, producer and play-by-play voices of the award-winning production. “Callers don’t expect to hear humor while on hold. It takes them by surprise, gives them a good laugh and lowers their defenses. That makes them more receptive to the marketing message.”

Listen to “The Ball Game,” the latest award-winning OHM production from BusinessVoice.

BusinessVoice is a multi-award-winning Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency specializing in On Hold Messaging, Web Audio Messaging and Point-Of-Purchase Audio Marketing for nearly 6,000 clients throughout North America. An active member of the On Hold Messaging Association, BusinessVoice was founded in 1989.

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