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Thursday, 30 October 2003 20:00

BusinessVoice Teams With Molloy, LLC

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Toledo-based audio marketing agency BusinessVoice is pleased to announce a partnership with Molloy, LLC, a business development group in Union City, New Jersey. Proponents of "The Language of Commitment," principal Dan Molloy and his team help front-line employees coordinate action between themselves and buyers by using language that creates a measurable difference. "Once the Language of Commitment is rooted in your organization," says Molloy, "you can start to improve the effectiveness of your conversations with clients and prospects, and, more often than not, those conversations result in the desired action and commitment."

"Dan has developed a very unique and effective program which I endorse," said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown. "We are working with Molloy, LLC to roll out this program to our clients who would most benefit. Increasing sales through the effective use of powerful language is what BusinessVoice has always been about. Toward that end, Dan and I have a shared vision and commitment."

To learn more about The Language of Commitment, visit

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