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Saturday, 01 January 2011 14:32

BusinessVoice Turns Scents into Dollars with Aroma Marketing

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If your marketing efforts are only aimed at your customers' eyes and ears, you're missing an important target: their noses.

Most marketing strategies only appeal to the consumers' vision and hearing. That makes for a visually crowded and noisy marketplace, and intense competition for consumer attention is one of the reasons many marketing pieces fail to make a substantial impact.

By adding Aroma Marketing to your mix, you not only support your other marketing efforts, you make lasting impressions on your consumers via their sense of smell, a pathway to the brain that remains largely unexplored by marketers.

Aroma Marketing is an effective method for appealing to consumers for several reasons:

Scents don't have to pass through the filter of consciousness. While visual displays can be tuned out or glossed over, people don't chose to smell or not smell. Aromas are taken in and processed involuntarily.

Many studies have concluded that the sense of smell plays a critical role in the creation, storage, and retrieval of memories. This is because the olfactory bulb - the part of the brain responsible for odor processing - is located right next to the part that controls memory. A specific scent in your facility can trigger positive memories for your customers. They will then link that good smell and the good feeling to your brand. It's a phenomenon known as Emotional Anchoring.

Pleasant aromas in a store cause shoppers to linger up to 40% longer, and the longer they linger, the more likely they are to buy.

And there are other benefits. Aroma Marketing can:

  • Enhance mood and create excitement
  • Stimulate the brain and make a person feel awake and refreshed
  • Trigger desires and emotions
  • Decrease anxiety

BusinessVoice Aroma Marketing programs include a professional-grade micro-mist diffusion system that works in combination with cold-air technology to distribute scents. Rated "the best product on the market by far" in independent studies by International Flavors and Fragrances, this system preserves the integrity of the aroma oils and delivers long-lasting scent to any size room.

For more details on Aroma Marketing, please call Valerie Likens at 866/473-9000, extension 344.

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