Thursday, 15 December 2011 01:10

Celebrate Your Differences

Written by Scott Greggory
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Over the years, more than a few of our clients have expressed a common concern: “We don’t know how to differentiate ourselves,” they say.

Yet, when we show them several fresh, new website designs, they often choose the “safest” look or the design that most resembles their existing site. Or, while we’re working with a client to generate content ideas for an On Hold Marketing update, he will ask, “What is everyone else in our industry talking about?”

Separating your business from others in your industry requires risk and, often, a lot of work. Choosing to present yourself as everyone else in your field does is akin to stuffing money under the mattress: it may seem like the safe thing to do, but without the possibilities that come with investing your money, you'll see no growth and inflation will eventually devalue your nest egg.

Likewise, without daring to plant your company’s flag in the sand and proclaiming “here’s who we are and here’s how we’re different,” you risk stagnation and being passed by others who understand the value of establishing their own unique place in the world.

No one ever tells their friends about the same old same old. Nobody recommends the sequel as enthusiastically as the first movie. And no one remembers the website that looks like all the other websites.

So, rule number one: advertise and market your company to separate it from all the other companies who do basically the same thing, and create your own cozy little spot in the minds of prospective customers. If that’s not your primary goal, then why ARE you spending the money?

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