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Don't Be Like Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter’s performance on Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe was more uncomfortable than an iron couch.

Regardless of your politics or any thoughts you may have of Ms. Coulter, it would be tough to disagree with the widely held opinion that her set didn’t go well.

But she’s not a comic. Not a comedy writer. Not an experienced roaster. So, really, who would expect a different result?

The question is this: why did she book the gig in the first place?

And the marketing-related takeaway is this: do what you do well. Find or define your niche, master it, own it, be it, and sell it. Then, let other people do what they do best. 

I just spoke with a long-time client of ours yesterday. He admitted that his company does "five things really well.” But over the last several years, the company had added far too many ancillary items to their product line. As a result, tracking inventory has become a nightmare, and their focus has become watered down. For the systems and people they have in place, they were trying to do too much - and not doing it well enough - to be seen as unique experts.

Marketing your new skills is admirable. Expanding into new markets is often necessary. Just be sure you're ready to perform at a level at least as high as those who are already established pros.

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