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Expect Change Because It's Coming

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Empty Ballparks

I spent the last few days watching the opening weekend of the 2020 baseball season.

It's great to have the game back, even with all the unusual changes:

  • The abbreviated 60-game schedule
  • The extra innings rule that automatically puts a runner on second base starting in the 10th
  • The National League's use of the designated hitter
  • The lack of fans in the stands

I haven't heard from anyone who's thrilled with all the adjustments, but Major League Baseball found ways to adapt in order to get back to business, just as restaurants, healthcare facilities and other industries have.

And maybe that's the most important reminder we can take away from the pandemic: life - and business - aren't stagnant. They never have been. Both are in a constant state of flux. Dramatic events like the spread of COVID-19 and the quarantine just increase the pace and intensity of the change.

The lesson is to actively plan for transitions, so, when events dictate, you're better prepared to deal with the financial, cultural and emotional disruptions.

Since mid-March, we've been stressing the importance of actively preparing for the post-COVID-19 world so you can hit the ground running. But by thinking at a higher level - always expecting change and embracing its inevitability - you can set yourself up for even greater success.

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