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For New Results, Change Your Perspective

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How many fireworks displays have you seen? A couple dozen? Maybe 50?

But have you ever experienced fireworks like this? 

You've probably seen more than a few piles of junk too, right? In a scrap yard, on a city street, even in your own garage. But did you ever think a junk pile could look like this?

The lesson: If you want to see something differently, change your point of view.

  • When you're charged with finding a unique solution for customers, first imagine yourself in their shoes. What would you want if you were one of your company's customers?

  • If you need to create advertising that encourages your audience to act, start by considering why they wouldn't act. What are their possible objections to your product or offer, and how can you overcome them?

  • Rather than asking the same standard questions, ask seemingly unrelated questions. The answers may lead you to new insight and an entirely unexpected approach or solution.

  • Talk with a whole new set of people for input or inspiration.

  • Work in a dramatically different physical environment today.

  • Begin even the most mundane task or project by asking "Is there a better way?"

Most people only see fireworks from the ground, but now you know how much more amazing they are when you can fly right through them.

Dare to change the way you look at everyday challenges and become the innovator who gives your team, your industry or even your world a new perspective.

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