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Forbes Forum: Content Creation - Part 7

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Content Creation Part 7

Since 2017, I've been contributing content to the Forbes Agency Council, an organization for "senior-level executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies." Below, my replies to a few Forbes questions. 

Q: What is one mistake marketers make that could turn off prospects? How can they avoid this and what should they do instead?

A: It's easy to see why many small business leaders sign off on self-focused marketing content; after putting so much of themselves into their companies they want to shout everything they do to the world. One of my jobs as a copywriter is to present the client's unique value in a way that matters to their audience - prospects and customers. I always say, "We serve our client by first serving their audience."

Q: Marketing trends come and go. What would you suggest that a client consider when deciding which marketing trends to adopt or ignore?

A: First, take a breath. Don't jump onto trends just because "everyone" is talking about them. (There are plenty of companies just now getting their feet wet on YouTube!) Next, does the channel or app make sense for your brand? Is your audience already there, or could you develop a new audience there? Then, can you create the content you'll need without stress? Being first is fine but being relevant is better.

Q: When an advertising campaign is lackluster - or when it backfires - the negative effects can last a long time. What are reasons consumers may hate a company's advertising, and what can be done to fix it?

A: High frequency and a low commitment to audience-focused content can be especially grating. It's the equivalent of being cornered at a party by that guy who only talks about himself. But no one hates reliable information that helps them solve a problem. No one hates being entertained or genuinely moved emotionally. Good advertising shows a respect for the audience and a regard for their needs.

Q: If a client wants to create a podcast, what advice would you give on how to start one, how to stay on-brand in the podcast, how to market it or other important aspects?

A: Know how you'll serve and build your audience. There's no shortage of podcasts, so it's important to differentiate your content and the style of your presentation. What's your plan to create must-hear audio for your target audience? Does your brand have a unique perspective that can engage listeners long-term? Then, develop an ongoing marketing plan to maintain your fans and attract new listeners.

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