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How To Earn Customer Trust

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Earning Customer Trust

Want to build instant trust with a new customer?

Resist any urge to oversell.

My wife called a new-to-us HVAC contractor when our furnace wouldn’t kick in for the first time this season.

One of their techs arrived the next day. He was friendly and answered my questions in plain English. Turns out that our furnace just needed to be cleaned.

I paid the tech, then asked if I should call him every fall for a cleaning. He stood there with the $90 I’d just given him for about 10 minutes of work and said, “No. Maybe every couple of years.” Boom! Immediate trust!

He turned down my offer of more frequent business and more money because he knew I didn’t need his service. I understood right away that he had my best interest at heart.

Our agency works with an automotive services provider who doesn’t want us to try to boost the per-ticket revenue for each vehicle that pulls into their shops.

They don’t like to overwhelm their customers with larger maintenance or repair bills. Instead, they work toward building trust and long-term relationships. Yes, they let customers know what type of service their cars need, but they prioritize those needs, encouraging drivers to “come back in six months” when the work will actually need to be done.

High-pressure sales tactics don’t feel good. And any time a customer senses you’re more interested in your wallet than hers, you risk losing - or never earning - her trust.

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