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How to Update Your Digital Marketing in Response to COVID-19

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Digital Marketing Response to COVID 19

Yes, COVID-19 is affecting the walk-in traffic of many brick-and-mortar businesses, but you can adjust your online strategy and content to limit the pandemic's effect on your digital marketing.

Check out these tips from MadAveGroup’s Digital Marketing Strategist Nathan Steinmetz.

Social Media
• If necessary, update your business hours on all your social pages.
• If you’ve canceled or postponed events or appointments, let your followers know how and when you’ll be re-scheduling.
• Double-check your scheduled posts and paid social ads to make sure their tone is still appropriate. A fun post promoting St. Patrick’s Day, for instance, may not be the best idea right now.
• Share the steps your business is taking to keep your staff and customers safe. Highlight any actions that are different from those listed by other companies.
• Consider using social media to urge your followers to support your community. Provide links to fundraisers, promote local businesses that are still open, etc.

Email Marketing
• Email your clients, prospects, staff and subscribers with information on your updated hours, closings, cancellations and how to re-schedule appointments.
• Are some or all your employees working from home? Alert your customers in advance if there’s a chance of communication delays or a reduction in the quality of the service you provide. Re-establish your buyers’ expectations before problems arise related to your staff's telecommuting.

• Add a page that includes details on any changes to your business: new hours, closings and cancellations, the extra precautions you’re taking, etc. Then, add a banner to your most popular pages to direct visitors to that new coronavirus information.
• Create blog posts on how your business is making a difference during the crisis. Showcase how you’re helping others and the unique solutions you’ve developed to serve your customers.

Local Listings
• If necessary, update your Google My Business pages and any other local listings pages to show your adjusted hours.
• Use Google My Business messaging to share information related to closings, adjusted hours, re-scheduling appointments, etc.

All Digital Advertising
• Re-evaluate any ads you’re running. Make sure the copy and tone are appropriate, considering the current climate.
• Depending on your company’s financial situation, consider increasing, decreasing or pausing current ad campaigns until the crisis is over.

• Virtually everyone’s routine has been disrupted and will continue to be for many weeks. Consider how this new reality will affect people’s online behaviors and motivations. For example:

  • Many people will be home without as much to do, so they may be spending more time online.
  • Those same people may be using mobile devices from home, rather than the desktop computer they use at work. Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Certain people trying to be even more productive while working at home may tackle projects they haven’t previously had time for. Do they need your products, software, online lessons or other services?
  • Similarly, businesses experiencing a slow-down may be able to dedicate time to projects they’ve put off in the past and may now need your expertise.

Let us know if we can help you with any of these adjustments.  

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