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How Will You Get Better?

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Becoming better in 2016

How will you become a more effective marketer in 2016?

Which skills will you develop?

How do you hope to improve your company or the ways you serve customers?

Here's how a few of our staff members answered those questions.

Charley Hobbs, Lead Developer: "I want to learn more advanced coding techniques and strategies. That will help us expand our dynamic web capabilities and allow us to provide more solutions for our clients."

Andrea Poteet, Creative Consultant: "I'd like to sharpen my humor writing, and then find new ways to use humorous content."

Valerie Likens, Executive VP of Fulfillment: "I would like to continue to learn about communication to improve our organization. Effective communication is essential to help departments run smoothly and keep our clients and employees happy."

Michael Deffely, Project Manager: "Overall, I want to create, serve, learn, and grow as much as possible this year. Specifically, I'd like to optimize our processes and create a more refined work flow. I also want to improve my knowledge of server and hosting issues."

Jessica Miller, Content Strategist: "I want to find more ways of producing engaging, valuable content that work with our clients' budgets."

Cody McCloskey, Creative Consultant: "I'd like to fine-tune my humor. Being funny has always been a part of my life, but since I joined Mad Ave Group I've been able to use humor as part of my work for clients, so it's even more important to me."

There's always more to discover about marketing and advertising. So we encourage you to keep learning. Please let us know if we can help in any way in 2016, whether you need a marketing partner, want specific services, or would just like some input on a problem you're facing.

Happy New Year from all of us at Mad Ave Group.

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