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Monday, 24 June 2013 13:48

In-Store Video Survey Results

Written by Various Sources / Compiled by Scott Greggory
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shoppingIn a media study measuring consumer interest in and acceptance of video displays in retail environments, 29% of the consumers who had seen video in a store say they bought a product they were not planning on buying after seeing the product featured on the in-store video display. (Arbitron, 2005)

According to an Arbitron retail media study, 42% of consumers who have seen video in a store say that, in the future, they would choose to shop in stores with video screens versus those without; and more than half of the consumers who have watched in-store video feel that more stores should run video programming. (Arbitron, 2005)

80% of consumers feel that video displays that feature product or sale information are helpful.  (Arbitron Retail Media Study, 2005)

An ASTD Learning Study found that people retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 50% of what they see and hear. (The American Society for Training and Development)

According to 100 of the nation’s largest marketers of consumer packaged goods, 50% of retailers ranked in-store marketing as the most effective activity for generating a strong return on investment. (Deloitte and the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., 2008)

Research house PQ Media reported that in-store TV ads tallied nearly $100 million in 2005 revenue, a 45% increase from the previous year. (PQ Media, 2005)

A Nielsen Media Research study that measured consumer response to in-store video advertisements reported that 68% of those surveyed said in-store messages would sway their product purchasing decisions; 44% said they would swap a product they had intended to buy for one advertised on the video advertisements. (Nielson Media Research, 2006)

A McDonald's franchisee in Chicago, Illinois reported that 14-day same-store sales increased 17% after installing flat-screen monitors with marketing messages. (Advertising Age, 2006)

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