Wednesday, 04 March 2020 10:27

It's Not Just a Truck

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Wash the Truck

The bread truck I followed for a few miles today was filthy.

I get it - just because the picture of the bread on the truck was covered in road grime doesn’t mean the bread inside the truck was. But the dirty truck did nothing to inspire confidence in the product.

And it certainly didn’t present the bread in the best possible light. It’s hard for bread to look delicious, after all, when it’s veiled in a thick layer of crud.

Yes, it’s an effort to wash a fleet of trucks, but when they also serve as giant mobile billboards for your product, the trucks should be clean. That's because they’re more than just delivery vehicles - they’re representations of your brand. They say something about you and your attention to detail and how much you care.

The same goes for the people who wear your company’s uniform or talk with customers via your company’s phones.

Look for the opportunities. Invest in the training. Improve the interaction. Create the better experience.

Wash the truck.

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