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MadAveGroup's Bob Seybold Marks 15 Years with Agency

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What do a broadcast journalist and a marketer have in common?

In Bob Seybold's case, that journalist and marketer are the same person.

By September of 1999, Seybold had worked in radio and TV news for nearly two decades. When he left newsrooms behind and joined our marketing agency that same year, he brought along his news sensibility. And he still applies it to his work today.

"My background as a journalist has served me well," Seybold said, "because so much of what we do as marketers is investigating and explaining, just as any good journalist does. We uncover the pains that a client is facing and then develop marketing solutions to address those needs."

Bob Seybold in 1988 and Today







(Left, Bob Seybold in 1988 at WSPD radio and today at Mad Ave Marketing Group.)

Just as a seasoned reporter knows his beat, Seybold and the rest of our Creative team members work to learn our clients' businesses and industries, and even anticipate their needs. "One of my favorite parts of my work is serving clients proactively. I love delivering a draft for a new On Hold Marketing script or an article for their blog before they even have to think about needing new content."

But Seybold is still able to flex his news muscles. In addition to creating marketing copy for many MadAveGroup clients, he develops content for the BusinessVoice News Network. Each weekday, he writes and produces three quick general interest stories that are uploaded to client On Hold Marketing systems throughout the country. Those stories are then interspersed with existing On Hold Marketing content to give callers on hold a unique experience nearly every time they call.

"The technology of marketing has changed a lot in 15 years," Seybold said, "from dial-up Internet and cassette players running messages on hold, to streaming video on smart phones and cloud-based systems that manage and deliver marketing content. But while the tools have changed, the goal is still the same. We want to have a one-to-one conversation with every caller or reader or viewer to show how what our client offers can help them."

And as Bob Seybold reflects on his first 15 years with Madison Avenue Marketing Group and its three agencies, he's also looking forward.

"It's exciting to be part of a company that grew from providing audio messages and music on hold, to now offering a full range of web design and marketing programs, digital signage, video production and aroma marketing, as part of a full-service marketing agency. And I'm excited for our future, as we develop new ways to meet all of the marketing needs of our clients."

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