Tuesday, 08 July 2008 07:05

Make It Easy To Contact Your Company

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Does the “Contact Us” page on your website only allow visitors to reach you through an “info@” email box? If so, consider adding a few more options.

Just as people prefer to receive information differently (visually, aurally or kinesthetically), we don’t all prefer to communicate the same way.

Current or potential customers who need immediate assistance or more information can become easily frustrated if your site doesn’t include a telephone and fax number, or even a physical address.

While you may be driving traffic to your website to reduce incoming phone calls, keep your customers’ needs - and apprehensions - in mind. They may not be sure when - or if - their important questions will be answered if they’re emailed to an anonymous employee. For the sake of winning and retaining more customers and improving their experience with your company, don’t hide behind an email address. Give people the option to communicate with you on their terms.

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