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Why should all marketers learn more about women and why they buy what they buy? Because women buy or influence the purchase of 80% of all consumer goods in the United States. Pretty good reason, eh? Caroline Winnett wrote "Gender and Marketing: The Female Brain" for the March 6, 2009 issue of the Progressive Grocer newsletter.

Wednesday, 04 March 2009 05:51

Exploring New Marketing Channels Pays Off

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Maybe you've thought about trying new channels to expand your marketing, but then the Naysayer's Chorus begins inside your head. "It's too expensive." "It's unproven." Or, "That's just for the big guys."

Thursday, 26 February 2009 05:04

Marketing Goes to the Dogs

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You've see them in designer pet bags, their diamond-studded collars glinting in the sun. They were on their way to see their masseuse at noon and have a play date at the Treat Bar at 3:30.

Monday, 02 February 2009 04:44

Super Bowl Ads: Your Faves?

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Okay, so they didn't sell out the ad inventory for Super Bowl XLIII (note the number of NBC and sister division Universal/GE promos in the mix), but there were still some memorable efforts, like this hilarious commercial for Pepsi Max.

Monday, 02 February 2009 04:15

Super Bowl, Yes, but Super Commercials?

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It's been a while since I've seen a football game as exciting as Superbowl XLIII. In recent years, the games have just been blah, and the commercials are what I looked forward to the most. I suppose it comes with the territory of being in the marketing industry.

Monday, 02 February 2009 02:06

Marketing Without the Groundhog

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Winter has been brutal in these parts. In the month of January, we had 25 days with below-normal temperatures. On many of those days, the high temperature was 10 or even 20 degrees below normal. Nearly 31 inches of snow fell, just shy of the all-time record for the month. Needless to say, we’re ready for Spring. With the arrival of Groundhog Day, it would be an understatement to say that we want that furry rodent to predict a quick end to this most-dismal season.

Monday, 26 January 2009 12:12

Those Who Fail To Plan Should Plan To Fail

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During these challenging economic times when companies are being forced to do as much or more with less, marketers can’t afford to be wasteful. And that doesn’t apply just to dollars. We can’t afford to waste time, ideas, or opportunities either.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008 04:42

Strengthen Your Brand by Boning Up on Your History

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Roberto Ramos of The Vox Collective is asking you to blow the dust off your old history books and take another look. In a recent Adweek column, Ramos puts forth four key lessons from FDR's New Deal, with additional ideas on how they apply to marketing in today's economy:

Wednesday, 10 December 2008 06:52

Brand Or Get Branded

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Leave your branding up to the marketplace? Not a good idea. This reminder is from the folks at MarketingProfs' Get to the Point Small Business newsletter:

That's the question Martin Lindstrom poses in a recent post for He also lists "nine components that powerfully engaging brands share with religion."How many of these components have you - or could you - incroporate into your brand-building efforts?

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