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Marketing Tips for 2024

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Three members of our team look into the new year to offer advice on marketing-related topics.

Michael Seay / EVP of Brand Strategy / MadAveGroup

Engage: You might have several audiences: clients, prospects, current and potential employees, even the general public. You need to stay in touch with each group if you’d like to remain important to them. So, plan your content calendar ASAP to identify the messaging and channels you’ll use to reach each audience consistently throughout the year.

Evaluate: Have you been advertising on the same channels for a while? Most people are loyal to their channels, so by varying your placements you’ll automatically expand your reach. Using other media channels might also allow you to negotiate better rates.

Excite: Energizing your audience will take work and creativity, but it’s worth it. Launch your new service, identify new partners, expand into new markets. That type of activity can excite your audience and employees, while boosting your relevance.

Katie Schroeder / Marketing Manager / MadAve Marketing Management

Let people see who you really are by using your actual employees in your videos, social media posts and other marketing content. Your audience wants emotion, humanity and a low-pressure presentation from real people who can help. The TikTok approach of posting videos that feel spontaneous can give your viewers insight into your company and those who are “doing the work.” Another benefit: an authentic look into your workplace can serve as a great recruiting tool, as well.

Lindsay Gebhart / Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist / TouchStone Digital

For your social channels, try to avoid posting generic or expected content. Some companies prioritize the quantity of their posts, rather than the quality. Personalized, niche-specific content will always outperform content you posted merely for the sake of posting.

Next, explore partnership opportunities, even if they’re outside of your industry. Especially on social media, partnerships can bring you new audiences and opportunities.

Also, consider taking a stand on social issues that are important to you. Along with doing good for a worthy cause, you might win the attention and loyalty of younger audiences. That type of alignment can be challenging, but, if done authentically, it can have a huge impact.

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