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Mix It Up (Why I’m Wearing Cowboy Boots to My First Day of Work)

Written by Caley Dennis, Creative Consultant
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These Boots Are Made for Workin
I’m wearing cowboy boots today.
It’s my first day of work at MadAveGroup and I don’t know what the dress code is or even if there is one. I forgot to ask. Although from attending a handful of onsite appointments during my interview process, I gathered it ranges from business casual to business professional. For now, though, I’m happy to not know. 
The younger me would have chosen something more conservative for a first day, at least until I got my footing. A pair of demure and ambiguous black dress shoes would do. Unnoticed, unremarkable and safe.
Why cowboy boots? Having recently moved back to Ohio after a decade living in New Mexico, there’s still a bit of western flare in my blood. And, admittedly, I’m having a Shania Twain moment. Growing up in the ‘90s with a handful of CDs and a boombox, Ms. Twain was in heavy rotation. And when my “for you” playlist queued up “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” the other day, I retrieved the boots from the top shelf of my closet and dusted them off. 
From what I’ve noticed, MadAveGroup embraces creativity and welcomes a tinge of authentic unconventionality. 
That said, have I seen anyone wearing cowboy boots? Not yet.
Cowboy boots feel like a cheeky, albeit harmless, little risk. 
Is the world going to end because I’m wearing them? No.
Will anyone comment or even notice? I don’t know.
So, why wear them?
The answer is simply that they’re making me feel a little bit more alive today. So, why not?
Sometimes not knowing the expected conventions or requirements can be a blessing. That’s the benefit of ignorance and the freedom of being “the new person.” You can take an authentic, heartfelt risk and ask for forgiveness later, if needed.
With that first-timer’s mindset, consider these questions: 
  • What can you do that’s unexpected, yet true to yourself - or your company’s brand? 

  • How can you add a small thrill to your day - or to your marketing strategy? 

  • What would make you - or your advertising campaign - feel a little bit more alive?
The marketing results you’re looking for won’t always be found by following the typical or safest path. And if what you’re doing doesn’t pique your own interest, it’s unlikely to capture the attention of anyone in your audience.
So, go ahead - wear the cowboy boots, literally or figuratively. Embrace your prerogative to have some fun - and bring others along with you. 


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