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Thursday, 19 February 2015 12:13

Mrs. Likens' Old-Fashioned Flapjack Festival

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Flapjack Festival w Pancakes

"Flapjacks are a celebration of life," according to Valerie Likens, our Vice President of Account Management and Fulfillment.

It's that philosophy that serves as the foundation of one of the most-anticipated events in our region - or at least our building.

Mrs. Likens' Old-Fashioned Flapjack Festival is an annual pancake party that combines free flapjacks with the basic human need to eat free flapjacks.

"It's a match made in heaven," shouted Fulfillment Manager Susan Harris after finishing her fourth short stack.

"That's an exceptional flapjack," said Nikki Brown, her chin covered in warm syrup.

"It does my heart good to see people enjoying my old-fashioned flapjacks," said Mrs. Likens. When asked what makes them "old-fashioned," she replied, "Mainly the ingredients. I use a lot of army surplus flour. Korean War era."

Watch the short video below for an exclusive interview with Mrs. Likens.

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