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Positive Customer Experiences Don’t Happen by Accident

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Written by Jerry Brown, Chief Executive Officer

I received a testimonial a few months ago. Our agencies receive hundreds each year, but this one was special. It wasn’t from a client, a partner, or a vendor. It wasn’t from anyone we’ve worked with in the past. It wasn’t even from a prospect or someone interested in working with us in the future. It was from a man who called our number by accident. That’s right a wrong number.

It turns out he had such a positive experience with our employee who answered the telephone that he was compelled to let me know. He wrote…

“I actually called by accident because your number is one digit different from another company I was reaching out to. So, when I got off the line with Courtney I went to your website. When I read the intro about the importance of making a positive impact with clients on EVERY interaction, it really hit home because I’d just had that experience with Courtney. It’s been three hours and I still feel the positive vibe she puts out. I just wanted to pause and commend your organization and her, sincerely. Nice, genuine people seem to be in short supply these days.”

His email made me smile with gratitude. You see, as CEO of MadAveGroup, one of my primary responsibilities is to “develop and protect our culture”. And nothing has more impact on our culture than the people we employ and the strength of our conviction to surprise and delight our clients.

Building a corporate culture that promotes positive customer experiences at every touchpoint is not something that happens by accident. It must be well planned, meticulously executed, continually measured, and forever improved.

Have you implemented ongoing training programs to teach employees how to create positive experiences for your customers? Have you given them the tools they need to help create those experiences? Have you engaged incentive programs to motivate them? And most importantly, have you put in place strict hiring procedures that ensure recruits fit your customer experience culture?

How would your customers describe their experiences with your organization? The success of your company depends on their answers.

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