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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 13:50

Productive Fun with The Onion

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The OnionWe're big fans of The Onion, the satirical newspaper and website that poke fun at everything from major news events to the mundane aspects of life.

During a recent Creative Training session, we listened to a radio program that examined the Onion staff's writing process; specifically, how they decide which headlines they'll develop into full-blown stories.

Our exercise was to write our own Onion-style headlines over the next couple of weeks, bring them back to the group, and then choose the ones we like the best.

Here now, our favorites among the Oniony headlines we wrote.

  • Face Tattoo Impresses Prospective Employer

  • Unwanted Belly Fat Tied to Larger Waistlines

  • Obama Announces Funk Sanctions on Rhythm Nation

  • New Evidence Reveals Carrots to Be "Straight Up Poison"

  • Multi-Orgasmic Atheist Searching for Name to Scream

  • Report: 60 Percent of Staycations Taken in Bathroom

  • Airline Food Has "Had Enough" of Comedic Put-Downs

  • Friends Say Jim Howard the Best at Skipping Commercials on DVR

  • Local Zookeeper Concerned About Peacock's Lack of Humility

  • Origin of Living Room Stain Still a Mystery

  • Groundhog to Nation: "You're All Screwed"

  • Tours of Sausage Factories Rarely Attended

  • Facebook Buys WhatsApp from Itself for $50 Billion

  • Study Reveals Children Develop "Judgey" Behavior In Utero

  • Local Drywall Contractor Not a Fan of Open-Concept Floor Plans

  • Ray Rice Announces New Line of White Tank-Top T-shirts

  • Dieting News: Other People's Food Doesn't Count

  • Boston Sues for Emancipation from Mother Nature

  • Area Farmer a More Reserved Square Dancer
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