Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:16

Purposeful Marketing Copy

Written by Scott Greggory
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Last night, I watched a documentary about the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film “Rear Window.”

In it, one of the director’s admirers spoke of how Hitchcock always had a specific reason for putting the camera where he put it.

There was never a shot just for a shot's sake. Every angle, every framing provided information the viewer needed to know or moved the story forward in some other way.

If you create marketing copy for your company, I encourage you to write with that same type of purpose in mind.

As a marketer, you never know how much time your audience will grant you. So, if you waste their time with words that don’t deliver value quickly or move your story forward, that audience may cut short the time you have together.

Try this test: After writing your copy, show the first line or two to a few people who are unfamiliar with your project; preferably people who are members of your target audience. If they can’t tell you what’s in it for them right away or they don’t express an interest in reading the rest of the copy, you may need to start over.

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