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Put Your Customers To Work For You

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Want to build credibility with prospective customers? Use testimonials. If you know of current customers who would be willing to boast about your company in writing, put them to work: ask each of them for a testimonial letter. In most cases, people are more than willing to vouch for companies they enjoy working with, so don’t be afraid to reap a little of the goodwill you’ve been sowing.

If your customers are too busy to write letters, they can still help. During a quick phone call, ask them to name the three things they like most about your company, products and/or services. Write the letters yourself from their point of view, working in as many of their direct quotes as possible. Once each customer approves his or her testimonial, ask them to print it on their company letterhead. Then, start working the letters into your marketing materials. Display them in your lobby; put them on your website; include excerpts from them in your advertising.

If certain customers are particularly pleased with your company and have a customer base that can benefit from your offerings, develop endorsement letters. In these letters your customers can introduce your services to their customers and recommend they call you. The letters should be written on your customers’ letterhead and mailed in their envelopes to maximize credibility. Remember, always make this type of campaign as easy as possible for your customers, cover all of their costs, and offer them something of value in return for their help.

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