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Radio Advertising In An iPod World

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With the advent of satellite radio, web-based programming and, of course, the iPod, consumers no longer need to rely on traditional radio alone for news and music. There’s still a big audience to reach via the AM and FM bands, but listenership is shrinking so if you decide to advertise on radio your spots need to be even more effective.

1) Get noticed! Use a unique style, copy, voices, music or sound effects that grab attention. Monitor the stations you’ll be buying. If their promos and spots have a certain pace or sound, try going in the opposite direction stylistically so your spot will stand apart from the rest.

2) Don’t get punched out! Today’s long music sweeps (“10 songs in a row”) are often followed by long spot sets. Listeners know this and will punch out to avoid 6 minutes of commercials. Keep them tuned in with a spot that’s funny, odd or in any other way “sticky.”

3) Pay for your spots! Don’t let the sales guy at your local station write your copy or the mid-day DJ record it. Find an agency that will help you create your own sound. The radio station may produce your spot free of charge, but it’ll sound like every other station-produced spot. The goals are to stand out, get noticed and be remembered. If you don’t strive for those goals by encouraging unique, engaging creative and production, what’s the point of advertising at all?

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