Thursday, 25 October 2012 12:29

Recognizing and Marketing Your Added Value

Written by Scott Greggory
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The billboard on the left is for MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. It went up shortly after the Hollywood Casino opened here in Toledo, just 60 miles south of the MGM.

The billboard shows not only MGM's awareness of a new competitor in the area, but how they now differentiate their casino in the Toledo market by creating additional value – or at least the illusion of it.

Now, traveling to their Detroit casino isn't just a chance to gamble, it's more of a getaway; a change of scenery; a mini-vacation. With only five words - Don't Just Play, Get Away - they've portrayed what could be perceived as a negative - an hour's drive - as a positive: a more complete experience. 

Stay aware of changing forces in the markets you serve. New or improved competitors, an evolving economy, the aging of your audience: all present opportunities for you to market your company and its "added value" in new ways, and keep your brand fresh and relevant.

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