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Spice Up Your Brand Image

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When you consistently use your advertising, website or packaging to entertain as well as inform, you're likely to increase the anticipation of future encounters with your brand.

In other words, if your previous commercials, for instance, have made your audience laugh, those people are more likely to watch your future commercials, rather than actively avoid them.

Here's another example. While getting ready for work the other day, I saw my Old Spice deodorant and was reminded of the company's very funny TV spots and online videos. Then, I wondered if they had thought to inject their brand personality into their packaging. And sure enough, they had.

Old Spice 350When I flipped over the container, I saw the content on the right. I chuckled and even read the copy to my wife.

I already like Old Spice products, but my previous experience with their funny marketing got me to interact with the product more than I typically would. And that bonus of the funny content on the container endears the brand to me even more. Why?

1) It shows that they care about my experience with their product. They want it to be enjoyable, unique and memorable.

2) It tells me they don't take themselves too seriously. Sure, deodorant sales may represent a huge portion of their revenue, but Old Spice understands that the product category is just not that important in the lives of their customers. By making their products more fun to interact with, they make them more valuable. 

As a marketer, I love that they're consistent with their brand identity to the point that consumers can COUNT on being entertained at every Old Spice touch point - the advertising, the website and the products themselves.

What can you do to spice up your marketing, and create content for every point of consumer contact that's more engaging, endearing and worth sharing?

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