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Friday, 13 April 2018 10:46

Steve Evert - Caller Experience Marketing

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EMA jpg logoThe Director of BusinessVoice, Steve served on the board of the Experience Marketing Association for four years. That’s an international organization of marketers that focuses on the in-store environment and the telephone as customer touchpoints.

Since he joined the MadAveGroup team in 2009, Steve has designed hundreds of caller experience marketing programs, and applied a common-sense approach to his leadership role in our agency.

"Part of establishing and then protecting a brand is controlling the experiences that people have with your company, products or services," says Steve. That’s why he often challenges companies to consider certain questions, including these:

  • Do the voice and music in your telephone audio share the same attitude as those in your digital and broadcast channels?
  • Do your automated contact center content and frontline phone staff reinforce what people hear from your brand in other marketing channels?
  • Are your automated phone greetings welcoming, logical and easy to follow?
  • Is your call flow designed around your callers’ needs, rather than your interests?
  • What are your competitors’ caller experiences like, and how can you set yours apart while remaining true to your brand?
  • Does your front-line phone staff understand your organization’s brand identity and what’s required of them to perpetuate that identity?

Steve has authored several articles on the caller experience. You can read them in his blog, The Director’s Cut.

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