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Takeaways from Webinar 2: Using Customer Data

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Using Customer Data

During our second 30-Minute Marketing Cardio Webinar on April 29th, members of the MadAveGroup team provided ideas on how you can prepare now for the post-pandemic world.

April Rietzke, Director of MadAve Marketing Management, offered these thoughts on using customer data.

“Take this time to get to know your customers and understand them,” she said. “Companies that leverage customer insights outperform their [competitors] by 85%.”

How can you learn more about the people who buy from you? A few of April’s ideas:

• Talk with your frontline employees about the questions your customers ask and the needs or problems they express.

• Listen to your customers on your social channels and third-party sites like Yelp.

• Consider surveying your customers.

• Use the customer data you already have - demographics, buying habits, communication preferences, Google analytics, etc. - to segment your buyers and provide better customer experiences.

Once you’ve compiled this information, review it for improvement opportunities. Is there a gap or weakness in your customers’ buying journey? Do they want more options, products or services from your company? Are your policies or processes frustrating?

You can also use the data you collect to create personas - representations of your audience defined by human characteristics, such as age, income, job type and interests. What challenges do those personas face? Who or what influences their buying decisions?

Once you’ve established personas, you’ll know how to create targeted messaging and promotions for your actual customers who fall under each persona. And targeted content is more likely to convert.

 Cardio Takeaways 2

MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown kicked off the session with an alliterative list, asking these high-level questions and urging attendees to think about their brands in a post-coronavirus marketplace.

  • Position: What was your position before the pandemic? What is it now? What will it be next year?

  • Perspective: What is your company’s perspective? Has the pandemic changed it?

  • Perception: What perception did your employees and customers have of your company? Has your response to COVID-19 changed it?

  • Purpose: What is your company’s purpose? Does it need to evolve?

  • Plan: What is your company’s plan for bouncing back?

  • Projects: What new projects do you need to implement?

  • Priority: Which of those projects should take priority?

  • Preparation: Are you prepared to execute those projects and other plans for moving forward?

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