Tuesday, 20 March 2012 12:37

The Importance of Brevity

Written by Clara Engel
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A friend of mine shared a great cartoon with me the other day. It spoke so directly to one aspect of our work and illustrated so perfectly a marketing challenge we sometimes face that I just had to share it.

Wondermarks’s Those Volatile Menu Options humorously shows how important it is to be concise when developing instructions or other one-way communications for customers.

Focus and brevity are also important when providing details in your other marketing materials, whether it’s a radio spot or On Hold Marketing. It may be tempting to mention every feature, benefit, bell and whistle, but remember to consider your audience and their ability to absorb and process information in a short time. Giving them too much to think about can cause people to zone out or even become confused. Instead, try to focus on one strong, but simple idea at each touchpoint.

And on that note, I’ll wrap it up.

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