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The Long-Term Effect of the Eclipse on Your Business

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The Long Term Effect of the Eclipse on Your Business

Did you stop what you were doing on April 8th to watch the solar eclipse?

Did you buy the special glasses or make a vision-safe viewer from a shoe box?

Did you take your kids into the backyard so they could see it happen?

Perhaps you traveled to a different part of the country for a better view. Or maybe you reserved a hotel room months ago in anticipation of the event.

If you did any of that, you certainly weren’t alone.

Millions of other Americans actively made time - and made plans - to experience the solar eclipse.

You, too, were likely spurred on by pre-eclipse mania! The buzz was spread on national TV, in advertising, via social media and every other corner of the Internet. I saw signs for eclipse watch parties and an eclipse countdown on a digital billboard. Businesses even announced they were shutting down for eclipse day.

So, why all the hoopla?


People will go out of their way to enjoy and even celebrate rare, unique or exceptional experiences.

It’s why the Super Bowl sells out every year. It’s why there’s a line to get into the hot, new restaurant. It’s why the latest tech device flies off the shelves.

As humans, we make an effort, spend money and even put up with inconvenience to be part of something special; to be able to say we were there; to feel something different from our everyday existence.

And within that human tendency lies your opportunity. Respond to it by asking yourself, "How can I create my own version of a solar eclipse?"

What type of service, retail environment or customer experience can you provide that's so remarkable, so delightful that people will make space for it in their lives?

It doesn't need to be as complicated as aligning the Earth, moon and sun. Just consider what people love and remember about brands, like the friendly customer service at Chick-fil-A or the guest-focused experience at Disney World.

A few other ideas...

You can make a lasting impression on people with the one-of-a-kind interior design and memorable aroma of your shop, offices or waiting room. Use an eclectic music mix throughout your facility, too, or an unexpected soundscape that transports visitors to a different place or mood.

Consider how you could elevate your in-person interactions with customers. It might begin by creating a purposely human experience that includes warm welcomes, friendly conversation, helpful advice and complimentary coffees, all delivered by employees with a sincere, palpable desire to serve.

Maybe you could actively look for ways to exceed customer expectations during the shopping and buying process, providing outstanding online UX/UI, a generous return policy and guarantees, free shipping, a convenient rewards program, plus easy access to human help, including CSRs who are empowered to fix problems on the spot.

And how might you improve your follow-up? Could you send a hand-written thank you card to first-time visitors or buyers? Or provide a nice reward to those who post a positive review? 

All of those efforts should be designed to generate the same type of “WOW” response that people have to a solar eclipse. And just as they feel fortunate to have seen that rare wonder in the sky, people should leave your business feeling as if they've just enjoyed a unique and memorable customer experience.

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