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The Marketing Lesson in Many Voicemail Messages

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The Marketing Lesson in Voicemail Messages

Have you ever had to listen to a voicemail message more than once because the person leaving the message rattled off his phone number too quickly for you to comprehend it?

I've had to replay dozens of messages for that reason.

I'm pretty sure most folks don't get hopped up on Mountain Dew and amphetamines before using voicemail. So, why do so many phone numbers seem to whiz by faster than we can process them? And what does any of that have to do with your marketing?

Part of the problem is that we - as recipients of the message - aren't familiar with the combination of digits in the phone number or their unique rhythm. So, if the caller gives his phone number as one steady, ten-digit stream, we'll need to reach for the replay button.

But if the caller breaks up his phone number into several bite-sized chunks - for instance, 866 (pause) 473 (pause) 97 (pause) 33 – and then repeats that sequence, we'll be more likely to hear it and jot it down correctly.

In other words, just because a sender knows the specific elements of his message doesn't mean a recipient will process and retain the message properly.

The same truth applies to your marketing.

You may know everything there is to know about your company, but if your marketing messages are too long, too technical, too detailed, or not created with the recipients in mind, you may leave your audience confused, disinterested and looking elsewhere for solutions.

Take a look at your marketing content. Do you gloss over authentic brand promises and the value you deliver to potential customers just because that information is so familiar to you?

That basic story about who you are and what you do needs to be told more often than you might suspect. And it needs to be told clearly, in those bite-sized chunks, and with your audience's perspective in mind.

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