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The Reason You Need Marketing Every Day

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Why You Need Marketing

About a week ago, I took care of a small printing project for the school music boosters group that I volunteer with.

I sent the job to a well-known online printer.

But here’s the thing: our agency provides printing services.

I didn’t even think about the fact that our team could have done the work. It never occurred to me.

Now, printing is a new service for us, so that could explain why it wasn’t at the top of my mind.

But I’ve been in several meetings about our printing, and I’ve even created a few marketing pieces to promote the service.

Yet, I wasn't reminded of our own agency’s ability to do the job until I saw a nice comment about our printing work from a client earlier today.

And I care! I have a stake in this service! I have a reason to remember it!

But I didn't.

Now, your potential customers - who don't have a stake in your success: think of how much they don’t know - or don't remember - about your capabilities.

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