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Think Strategically About Your Response to Coronavirus

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Thinking Strategically About Coronavirus 1

Companies always need problem solvers - people who can react effectively to tough, unusual or unexpected situations; people who can adapt to changing conditions.

So, if you're a college student who's graduating soon or you're someone who's already working but considering a job change, think strategically now about your response to the pandemic. Then, you'll be prepared for questions like these:

  • How did you make the most of your last few months at school, despite the interruption to classes? What did you do to continue your education or build your professional network?

  • Did you come up with any ideas to help your current company respond to specific challenges during the outbreak?

  • How did you invest your time while quarantined? Which skills did you develop? Did you take on any pro bono or passion projects?

  • Can you provide examples of how you demonstrated leadership? Ingenuity? Courage?

  • What did you do to help others in your workplace? Your neighborhood?

In other words, how did you make the best of this tough, unusual, unexpected situation?

Your answer to that question could go a long way toward proving your unique value as a problem solver.

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