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What's Your Word?

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Whats Your Word
What’s the one word that captures the essence or unique value of your brand? 
Big question, right? 
And, for most people, it’s tough to answer. Relatively few brands are strongly linked to a single word or trait, as these are:
• Apple = Creativity 
• Jeep = Freedom
• Michelin = Safety 
• Nike = Inspiration
• Red Bull = Adventure
Through their tightly focused marketing and advertising content, those brands have connected their name to a word or two. That clarity of purpose helps them sharpen their message. That restraint simplifies their content. It lets them cut through clutter and resonate more vividly with their target audience.
As a result, you probably have a good sense of what those brands are about and what you can expect from their products.  
So, if your tendency is to shove every ounce of info you can into your spots, posts and ads, consider this: how many of those points will even your most ardent supporters retain? 
When it comes to branding and encouraging easy recall, less is more. Much more. 
When your brand “owns” a desirable word, people will associate that word with you. Then, your brand is more likely to come to mind when people want a product or experience tied to that word. 
In many ways, owning a word simplifies your marketing. But the price of ownership can be high. 
It can take hard, thoughtful work to identify your word. Then, you'll need a serious, consistent effort to develop related messaging, stay disciplined enough to execute it on all fronts and, most importantly, deliver on the promise of that word to your customers every day.
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