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When You Run with Dogs Good Things Can Happen

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Dog Run

The headline read “High School Cross-Country Team Invites Shelter Dogs on Their Morning Run.” Take a look at the video here

I love stories like that! And not just because of all the earned media and impressions they can generate.

I love this type of story because it's about people recognizing a need and fulfilling it. It's about combining two seemingly unrelated interests and both sides coming out better as a result.

A high school cross country team takes a bunch of shelter dogs for a morning run.

The dogs get exercise and fresh air they might not normally get.

The kids have a fun experience and the joy of helping the dogs.

The Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter receives free publicity for their cause.

Readers enjoy a heart-warming story.

And a few families may even end up with a new pet.

All of that happened because of someone's authentic desire to help a few pent-up puppies and find a way to make it better for them, if only for an hour.

The story blew up in a very positive way because of its sincerity; because of its emotional power; because it inspires people to wonder “what can I do to make this life better?”


What CAN you and your company do?

Whatever it is, don't do it for the press, the likes and the shares.

Do it because it's important to you. Do it because it needs to be done. Do it because it does, indeed, make this life better.

Everything else is gravy.

(Photo Credit: Luis Escobar)

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