Monday, 18 July 2011 12:09

Where Can You Inject Your Brand Personality?

Written by Scott Greggory
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Taco Bell Sauce Packet Branding

There may be dozens of opportunities to differentiate your company easily and inexpensively right under your nose. The first step is actively looking for places to inject more of your brand’s personality.

Here’s one example of how Taco Bell does it. They add humor to their sauce, or at least their sauce packets.

Take a look at the quirky copy inside the white space (at left). During a recent visit, my kids and I got a good laugh out of these - and nine or ten others. (We use a lot of sauce.) And all because someone at Taco Bell recognized the opportunity to personalize an everyday touchpoint and make more of it.

Other fast food restaurants have sauce packets, but I’ve never had a memorable experience with them, or shared a few laughs with my family because of them, or written a blog post about them. (Starting to see the added value you can create for your customers and your brand?)

What are some of the touchpoints you can re-think and then customize to elicit a more powerful response and support your brand personality? Product packaging? Invoices? Email signatures? Can your staff answer the phone in a unique way? Could your Facebook page be written from the perspective of one of the products you sell?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that people respond to, remember most vividly, and are more likely to share with others. So, get creative with the goal of helping your brand stand out.

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