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Everyone hates old-school fruitcakes. So, we developed a modern new online version that you're sure to hate less. lets you enjoy all the tradition of the holiday fruitcake without actually having to own a fruitcake. 

Just set your tablet or open laptop on your dinner table, visit, and enjoy a full 15 minutes of fruitcake video, recorded before a live studio audience. 

And remember, it's the season of sharing, so be sure to spread the goodness. Share with your family members and neighbors, as well as the people you like. 

Happy Christmas from your friends at Madison Avenue Marketing Group.  

Monday, 10 November 2014 19:21

The MadAveGroup Great Pumpkin Launch

For years, scientists have theorized that the best way to dispose of old pumpkins is to toss them off the roof of a four-story building. We proved that theory correct on November 7, 2014 during the very first - and possibly last - MadAveGroup Great Pumpkin Launch.

Using a home-made catapult, we shot about two dozen pumpkins onto the unforgiving parking lot of our corporate headquarters in UpTown Toledo. None of them survived.

Take a look at the quick video above to see how this fun event came together.

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