MadAveGroup has at least one thing in common with Apple and The Ford Motor Company. Our company began in a garage, too.

In 1987, Jerry Brown built a recording studio in the old horse barn / garage next to his home. By 1989, he had turned his recording hobby into a fledgling business - an On Hold Marketing company he called PowerHouse Productions.

As one of the few companies in the world dedicated to On Hold Marketing, PowerHouse grew quickly, adding related services based on client needs.

Growth and Changes

By 1999, PowerHouse had outgrown its name. It was changed to BusinessVoice to more accurately reflect the wide array of audio marketing services we were providing.

Again, as client demand dictated, we added more services, this time branching out into website design. That led to the 2004 founding of our first digital agency, a team that was completely focused on helping clients improve their online marketing.

By 2012, it was clear that we needed to expand yet again. We created SensoryMax that year to help our clients make deeper impressions on their on-site customers through Aroma, Audio and Video Marketing.

Until late 2012, our other agencies were known as BusinessVoice companies. But in 2013, all three agencies were brought under one umbrella in order to communicate that our three distinct types of marketing services were available at one point of contact. That single point is MadAveGroup.

In 2013, The MadAveCollective was formed to help freelance creative professionals develop their skills, broaden their business networks, and bid on jobs. It has grown into an agency that serves the marketing needs of under-funded and/or under-staffed non-profit organizations.

As clients continued to ask us to handle more and more of their marketing needs, we responded with MadAve Marketing Management. Created in the Fall of 2014, the agency provides comprehensive marketing services for clients with understaffed, underperforming or non-existent marketing departments.

In 2015, nationally renowned designer Terry Lesniewicz and his team joined MadAveGroup, forming a new agency called design2influence, or d2i. Terry has worked with Fortune 500 companies for decades. His work is even featured in the Smithsonian Institution.

By 2016, our flagship service had matured. No longer was BusinessVoice merely providing On Hold Marketing; we began to emphasize the overall caller experience - from the initial pick-up in a call center environment, to the important customer service and branding contributions of frontline telephone staff members, to Humor On Holdâ„¢ and Sonic Branding.

In 2020, we retooled our digital agency to provide more services and emphasize strategy. The TouchStone Digital team understands the importance strategy plays in the success of any digital marketing program. The agency also grew its services in digital marketing and website health management.

As we have since our earliest years, MadAveGroup will continue to grow and evolve to serve our clients' needs. So, you might say we're just gettin' started.

"You have a brilliant team. Everyone I spoke to is clearly very passionate about your agency, and the fact that you have employees who have been with you for so many years is a testament to that passion."

Estelle Simmons, Operations Director
Premier Business Audio