Cory Brown


Cory is the Founder of StoryVision Studio. As a visual production specialist, Cory works in several mediums, including videography, photography, imaging and illustration. "But whatever the project type, it always begins with deep discovery," he said. "I want to thoroughly understand my client’s problem or goal before I start developing a solution. I ask a lot of questions to get to the root of the issue."

Cory ran a Chicago-based team of about 20 designers, re-touchers and 3-D artists. As the Strategy Manager in charge of imagery for the company’s 3-D e-commerce lifestyle and product design, he led the implementation of new processes, procedures and art direction, while developing creative talent and establishing the company’s visual brand.

Over the years Cory has worked, both independently and for multiple visual productions studios and departments, shooting product, portraiture and advertising imagery. He’s shot, designed and produced product and fashion catalogs. He’s a table top photography specialist. But maybe most importantly, he’s a master storyteller. Cory earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art with a specialization in 2-Dimensional Studies from Bowling Green State University. He’s won several honors for his work, including the Presidential Suite Exhibition Award.

Cory Brown

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