Bob Seybold


“There’s too much focus on what an advertiser wants to say rather than what the audience needs to know to solve their pains.”

That’s Bob’s take on the state of marketing and advertising.

“But we are seeing more companies breaking with the old conventions, using humor and sharing relatable experiences to create effective marketing messages.”

Whether he’s producing a video, laying down a voiceover or writing a script, Bob says, “I always want to create content that’s unpredictable and grabs the audience immediately. I want to keep them listening, watching or reading.”

His passion is “learning about things and sharing that knowledge with others. I began my professional career as a radio news reporter and many of the skills needed to do that work - the ability to collect information and present it in a truthful, compelling way that relates to the audience - are the same skills necessary to be an effective marketer.”

A valuable member of our team since 1999, Bob earned his Bachelor of Arts-Communications degree from the University of Toledo in 1987.

In addition to earning several internal awards, Bob won the On Hold Marketing Association’s Judge’s Choice Award in 2015 and their award for the Most Effective On Hold Marketing in 2018.

Bob says he especially enjoys working with health care and senior care clients “because we create marketing that serves a very human need. I also enjoy helping clients translate the value of an industrial service or technical product in a way that can reach anyone.”

What about the future? “I believe that much of digital media marketing and the next generation of broadcast and cable television and streaming video will employ user data to promote products and services selected specifically for the audience’s needs and wants.”

And the best compliment Bob has ever received? “I’ve always been a person who can express an idea or promote a cause passionately and effectively. Back in elementary school a classmate told me, ‘If I were ever on trial for murder, I’d want you to be my lawyer.’”


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"Bob is a lot of fun to work with. We seem to be on the same wavelength! Together we've made the On Hold Messaging a great selling tool for Ace Hydraulic. We believe that experience makes the difference in our staff, and the same is true in our long association with BusinessVoice and Bob Seybold. It's a great team that will work for you, too."

Gary Chambers, President
Ace Hydraulic

"Thanks Bob. I think you covered everything. You sure make my job easier. Thanks so much."

Lisa Myers, Office Operations Coordinator
Eaton Family Credit Union

"The service through Bob has been terrific. Thanks."

Will Ross, Product Market Manager
Cardinal Health 

"We appreciate your on hold service! Bob Seybold is great to work with.  Thanks."

Laurie Arora, VP, Public Affairs, Philanthropy & Organizational Development
Pace Southeast Michigan

"Oh, my goodness! You might be my new favorite person! Thank you so much for making this work!"

Tory Manning
Cross Company