Cassandra Evans


"Positive, lasting impressions." That’s the type of mark Cassandra would like to leave on people. "I want to take the feelings in a client’s heart, then translate them into words and convey the true value their business brings to customers."

"Just wanted to send a note about Cassandra [and] her creative copywriting and tone. She really did an amazing job interpreting our brand and product lines perfectly. Thank you!"Barbara Whitney / Packaging Specialties

After graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Marketing degree from the University of Toledo, Cassandra served as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Brand Marketing Manager for a CRM software company. She joined MadAveGroup in late 2019.

"I love finding ways to show how a company can solve its customers’ struggles," she said. In her role as a Senior Creative Consultant, Cassandra gets to lead client conversations and generate content that can strengthen brands and elevate customer experiences.

"The script is awesome! How exciting! I definitely approve. Thank you so much." - Jen Backus / Downey HVAC

She cites a favorite quote from Seth Godin: "Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they'd like to go."

And the underlying goal: continual growth. "I want to always be improving myself, our agency and our clients in any way possible," she said.

Cassandra lives with her husband and their young daughter.

"Thank you for making my life easier." - Brenda Machcinski / Toledo Police Federal Credit Union


Cassandra Evans

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I want to deliver work that satisfies or exceeds my clients’ goals. I’m so passionate about every piece of content I touch, whether it’s a blog article, brochure or On Hold Marketing script. I want to make sure my clients are happy with our service. There are no limits to what I’ll do to help my clients.

Cassandra Evans

"Hi, Cassandra. We have had great feedback from customers. When we pick up the phone they are laughing and in the best mood. They say the messages are hilarious. That was my whole plan - to make being on hold enjoyable."

Rachelle Dicker, General Manager
Gold Rush Express Delivery

"Cassandra - Thank you so very much for your flexibility and customer service! I appreciate you."

Jenny Jaqua, Customer Service Commissioner
Information, Communication and Technology

City of Toledo

"Good morning, Cassandra. This new script looks awesome and is approved as is. Thank you again! You guys are awesome!"

Ashley Lockhart, Marketing Coordinator