Jessica Miller


Jess has been working as a strategic marketer since 2002 and has been with our agency since the summer of 2007.

She works closely with our internal teams to develop customized, actionable, integrated marketing strategies that help our clients grow their businesses.

“Jessica listens to my concerns and conveys them to the team. She is attentive to our requests for updates and is always friendly and professional.” - Heather Gilchrist / VacationLand Federal Credit Union

A forward thinker, Jess saw the potential of social and digital marketing long before it became a mainstream practice. In her role as a Marketing Manager, she focuses on the customer experience her clients provide. She wants to help companies form a solid foundation that serves their audience’s wants and needs, from an initial phone call or web search to purchasing and brand loyalty, with the goal of turning key audience members into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. In short, she works to ensure that her clients' marketing messages are making promises that the customer experience can deliver on.

Jess grew up in Louisiana. You might not hear her Southern accent at first, but you’ll appreciate her warm, hospitable, audience-focused approach to marketing strategy.

“Jessica takes very good care of our needs. She provides timely feedback. She's pleasant, fun and a pleasure to work with.” - Mike Hammond / Humphrey


Contact Me
[email protected]
+1 419.724.7340

"Hi Jessica - These messages are GREAT! They're much better than anything I could have come up with. YES! You definitely have my approval to proceed with these."

Carol Banas, Owner
Banas Lumber

"Thank you so much. You do a great job, and you always take good care of us. Please know that I don't expect you to turn this over as quickly as you do, but I truly appreciate it. Again, thanks for your hard work."

Kelli Williams, Office Manager
Central Ohio Skin and Cancer

"Just the plain facts - you have great ideas, are a talented writer, and have wonderful customer relations skills. I really appreciate the fantastic job you do."

Gail Christie, Director of Marketing
Notre Dame Academy