Lindsay Gebhart


A writer and digital marketing specialist, Lindsay brings her relentless search for knowledge and a love of storytelling to her work.

“I’ve had a notebook by my side and a pen in my hand for as long as I can remember,” she says. "Writing is how I process and connect with the world around me, so I’m thankful I can leverage that passion every day. I always want to create marketing campaigns that resonate with an audience and drive real results.”

After graduating from Bowling Green State University in 2015, Lindsay dove headfirst into the face-paced agency world. She's worked with both local and global clients and, along the way, has developed experience with digital strategy, content development, media buying and account service.

But Lindsay is still a writer at heart. “I tend to go about my daily life with the mindset of a newspaper reporter,” she says. “I’m always listening for the unique angle or differentiating factor that can elevate the subject I’m covering. I approach my work as a digital marketer in the same way. I’m always mindful of how the content will provide value for the audience."

Lindsay enjoys great books, podcasts, live music, meditation, crossword puzzles and her Siamese cat Betty.

Lindsay Gebhart

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I’m driven by a passion for storytelling and the power of digital media to connect and engage. The opportunity to craft messages that positively impact people excites me. And the challenge of being both creative and strategic motivates me; content must not only captivate but convert.

Lindsay Gebhart