April Rietzke


April is one of the best we’ve ever seen at herding cats - bringing together both clients and internal staff with different skills sets, schedules and personalities to move projects forward. That makes her well suited for leading our MadAve Marketing Management team.

“My focus is solving analytical and metric-based problems,” she said. “I like to dig and research and come up with solutions, especially if they have a measurement attached to them.” She also develops and organizes processes in response to internal or client needs.

“April has become an important member of our team. She brings our marketing plans to life, coordinating resources from diverse groups, both internal and external, keeping everyone organized and on-track. As the pace of our work becomes increasingly demanding, she never misses a beat - a true demonstration of her commitment to the American Frame brand.” - Laura Jajko, President / American Frame

Before joining MadAveGroup in 2016, April served for nearly a dozen years as the Vice President of Membership, Marketing and Public Affairs for AAA Northwest Ohio. In that role, she managed a $1 million budget and handled every aspect of the marketing for several business lines. She was also responsible for member acquisition, renewals and the club members’ overall customer experience.

April’s attraction to marketing and advertising began when her high school design work advanced to a national competition through the Business Professionals of America two consecutive years. “I also like to organize and coordinate, and I have a knack for analytics. Marketing allowed me to combine all those skills.”

She says, “Effective marketing and advertising start with defining your goals, making sure they’re very clear and specific. From there, you put together a good marketing mix. Then you need to measure what works and what doesn’t and be prepared to make changes quickly when needed.”

“I’m very passionate about the work we do. My commitment to our clients and this agency is very important to me. I’m always available and willing to help whenever I can.”

April Rietzke

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“We have been working with April since she took over following a client management transition. April quickly stepped into the role and handled our account like she had been working with us for months. She has great attention to detail and - most importantly - a unique ability to hold us accountable to providing the MadAveGroup team what they need, when they need it. April has proven herself to be extremely organized and phenomenal when it comes to follow up. She is a tremendous asset for us.”

Ben Tassin, Marketing Projects Lead

“Hi, April - I just wanted to say thank you for putting a lot of work into our organization and campaign. We are off to a good start.”

Joseph Habib, Executive Director
St. Paul’s Community Center