Jon Marker


"Every situation is unique, whether it’s an advertising challenge you're facing or a re-brand you're considering," says Jon. "But it's always important to assess the situation so you’re truly solving the problem, not just creating temporary relief."

After earning his bachelor's degree in Marketing from The Ohio State University in 2004, Jon worked in business development for an area marketing agency. During that time, he hit quotas, earned several Employee of the Quarter nominations and had "the best first year" on record as a new salesperson.

After switching to the client side, Jon pursued a different type of sales for several years, but he couldn't stay away from the agency culture he likes so much. In September 2021, he joined the MadAveGroup team as the Director of Business Development for SensoryMax, our Sensory Marketing agency. In January 2023, Jon joined our leadership team as the Director of SensoryMax.

Jon brings focused listening skills to his work with clients and colleagues. "That's a key to any good relationship," he says. "People can always expect kindness and respect from me. Life is too short to live any other way."

Jon and his wife Christine have three kids.

Jon Marker

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